triple dead heat

Alison’s tie-breaker quiz win

5th May 2020

Congratulations are due to Alison on her tie-breaker quiz win in last weekend’s owners’ quiz.

Alison, an owner in Dragon Glass and Siporad with David O’Meara, posted a hugely impressive score of 48 out of a possible 51 marks in the quiz but that total was matched by two other owners to give us a three-way deat heat!

Brian, an owner in Dramatic Sands and Thread Count with Archie Watson, and Colleen, who was recently successful in naming Arctic Emperor with Archie, were the other two brain boxes to post this impressive score.

The quiz tie-breaker helped to separate the dead-heat trio into their podium positions with Alison’s guess of 607 the closest to the overall stabling capacity of our five yards (629).

Congratulations to Alison on her excellent effort and also to runners-up Brian and Colleen. All three owners will be receiving their prizes soon.

The quiz proved popular with many of our owners, some of whom burned the midnight oil as they turned their attention towards Cosmo’s questions which covered a wide variety of questions, one of which asked owners to guess the names of Lizzy’s lambs (Skippy and Lily).

We’d like to thank all owners who took part in what we hope was an enjoyable distraction.

Judging by the overall level of excellent scoring, it’s clear our owners have the makings of an outstanding quiz team!