Wild Hope

Keeping it in the family!

20th December 2018

Few, if any trainers, have a better record with their recruits from other trainers than David O’Meara - to date 38 of David’s 39 such winners have been recruited from different postcodes.

David’s ability to source quality horses from elsewhere is well established and there are reasons to be particularly interested and excited about his latest recruits on behalf of Hambleton’s owners.

The headline recruit is the high-quality Remarkable, a five-year-old son of Pivotal out of Irresistible who was quickly syndicated soon after purchase.

It’s a pedigree that’s already familiar to some Hambleton owners. Three years before Remarkable was foaled his elder brother Watchable was born. Now eight, Watchable has firmly established himself over the years as a quality sprinter and has given his owners a great time this year, winning twice and placing a further four times.

It was a nice moment when Remarkable arrived at Willow Farm last month, where he was soon introduced to his elder brother.

The brothers have much in common. For a start their birth dates fall just two days apart. Although they have a slightly different colouring to their coats, it’s easy to see that they are cut from the same cloth.

The brothers have very similar physiques. Naturally tall and well-proportioned, they have good depth in their girth and a solid chest and shoulder, backed up by powerful hindquarters. Their facial expressions too are alike - both have a kind, genuine eye and a slight dish on the front of their faces.

Both horses look set to represent their owners at some big meetings in 2019. It would be something special if David could saddle Remarkable and Watchable to run at the same meeting in 2019.

Wherever Remarkable heads we feel he’s sure to give his owners some great fun next year as they look forward with great anticipation to an exciting season.

Our other recruit from the Horses In Training sales is the giant Spiorad, pictured right, who has understandably ran just twice to date, given his enormous size.

He’s the 14th horse David has recruited from Dermot Weld’s Irish stables and has much to live up to given 12 of the previous 13 additions were winners. Spiorad is fully expected to extend that sequence and along with Remarkable gives us two new solid older horses to look forward to for next year.