Owning with Hambleton

Owning a racehorse is something you’ve probably only dreamed about. For most people, that’s all it ever is. A dream. But now ownership is within your grasp. Thanks to the horse racing syndicate, owning a racehorse is much more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Racehorse ownership with Hambleton Racing would be exciting enough if it simply involved watching your horse race. But, with Hambleton, you’re there on the gallops, watching your horse. You’re in the Hambleton Inn, swapping tales and banter. You’re toasting the name of your new two-year-old with champagne. You’re enjoying the view from your private box and outstanding hospitality at our annual Owners’ Day. You’re comparing notes with other owners at summer events at the stables. You’re in the parade ring on race day.

In short, you’re in the thick of the action, and there’s nothing quite like it.

Ownership with Hambleton is free of all the complications of racehorse ownership. Our dedicated and experienced team will be on your side. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest developments and plans for your horse, through frequent phone calls and the owner’s area of our regularly updated website.

Any queries? Let our friendly team help, through the owner’s freephone service – after all, you’re the owner and we‘re here to help – seven days a week. Your job is simply to savour the fun, the excitement, and maybe the glory.

How do Hambleton syndicates work?

Hambleton Racing operates each horse racing syndicate with a maximum of twelve owners, but our aim is to make all our owners feel like the sole owner of their horse, whilst making the racehorse ownership experience enjoyable and carefree. We can guarantee you a great time. You’ll forge friendships with like-minded people as you live the dream of racehorse ownership.