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Why Hambleton Racing?

We're a friendly bunch here at Hambleton, which means you get a highly personal service. You’ve entrusted us to fulfil your racing dreams, so we do our utmost to make the experience fun, enjoyable and successful.

Whilst some see syndication as a numbers game, we believe in the personal approach. Everyone’s an individual at Hambleton.

A horseracing syndicate with Hambleton comes with a few unique benefits.


Firstly, we’re highly accessible. We’re on the end of the phone if you need us. And we’ve set up a private area of our website just for owners.

We’ll phone you to discuss your horse’s entries and declarations and we’ll call you after the race if you can’t get to the races.

Unlimited private stable visits with a member of our friendly team will always be on your terms, not ours. And you can come on your own – no need to book a visit from the whole syndicate three weeks on Wednesday.

Race 7 - Clenymistra

No hidden costs

You’ll also enjoy no hidden costs. We don’t levy a prize-money tax and we insure horses as standard, unlike some. You’ll receive 100% of your prize money.

We also won’t put up our prices year-on-year.

Read about our Fair Play Ethos.

Own as an equal

Our owners own equal twelfth shares, so you’ll avoid feeling like a second-class citizen alongside any ‘big-time Charlies’. Also, there are no low-percentage owners paying less than you for the same experience. Our service is fair, fun and friendly.

You’ll also get two owners’ badges every time your horse runs – great for sharing your big day with someone special.

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Responsible and trustworthy

A founder member of the Racehorse Syndicates Association, we helped put in place a strict code of conduct to safeguard the interests of owners. We’re proud of our Fair Play Ethos, which ensures a fair deal for our owners.

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve raised over £25,000 for racing charities. The Injured Jockeys Fund, Racing Welfare and New Beginnings are three charities we’ve consistently supported as we believe it’s important to recognise both the brave people that work with these beautiful horses, and of course the horses themselves.

Find out more about the Hambleton experience.

Want to find out more?

Fair PlayOur brochure offers an insight into what owning a racehorse means with Hambleton Racing.

Fair PlayOwning with Hambleton is delightfully different, find out why so many of our owners become firm friends.

Owning with Hambleton is personal - we love to keep in touch!

Whether you prefer to call or email, we’re here to answer your questions.