Register to stay ahead!

10th November 2018

A new feature we’ve introduced this year is the ability for those interested in our available shares to register for updates.

The facility has proved popular since launched in July and the list continues to grow week by week.

It’s a simple idea really. By registering for updates on our available horses subscribers simply receive information of our available shares before they go on open sale, and nothing else.

This gives those registered at least 48 hours and sometimes as long as a week to consider our new opportunities before available shares are listed for sale.

If you’d like to stay ahead of the game and be the first to know about our available shares you can do so by heading over to Available Horses page and clicking Register Now.

By doing so, you’ll never need to navigate back to check our available horses because you’ll be amongst the first to know about them.

With many of our syndicates selling out without going on open sale this new service offers you the chance to be informed about every available opportunity.

If you’ve any queries about how the process works please don’t hesitate to ask.