Super staff ensure continuity

30th March 2020

At a time when much of the country is in lockdown some amazing people are still going to work and keeping the country going.

We’re probably all familiar – and hugely grateful – for the amazing efforts of our beloved NHS staff. Another group that deserve to be at the forefront of our minds are the fantastic stable staff that are ensuring life continues as normal in racing yards up and down the country.

Our racehorses wouldn’t know there is a lockdown as the hard-working teams at our five training yards have adapted seamlessly to the special, and very necessary, safety measures that have elongated their working hours.

Thanks to the staff the horses continue in their regular training routines. Those same staff are unable to visit their supermarkets early in the morning whilst at work. Like other key workers in the country they are coping admirably with getting on with their jobs whilst having to cope with the challenging circumstances in which we all find ourselves.

We clearly owe the staff at the yards of Kevin Ryan, Archie Watson, David O’Meara, Karl Burke and Phil Kirby a huge debt of gratitude for looking after our horses with such professionalism at this difficult time.

It is a huge tribute to all concerned that all Hambleton horses are able to access their normal training routine and are therefore poised and ready for their respective trainers to put the finishing touches to their fitness as and when racing gets the green light to resume.

On behalf of our horse racing syndicate owners we’d like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of the amazing people who have been working so hard on behalf of our owners.

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