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Fair Play Ethos

At Hambleton, ours is a simple but delightfully different approach that helps explain why many of our owners have been with us for over a decade and have become firm friends.

As a founder member of the Racehorse Syndicates Association, we put in place a strict code of conduct to safeguard your interests. We’re all about fun and success but also serious about what we call our Fair Play policy.

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    No prize money tax

    Firstly, there’s no prize-money tax on your winnings. If your horse wins prize money, it’s shared among the owners. You get to keep every penny. Just like you should.

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    Your Share Insured

    Insurance. It’s something that comes as standard on all of our horses. Once you’ve paid for your share, you have the peace of mind of knowing your investment is insured should the unthinkable happen.

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    No yearly cost increases

    We also won’t levy any year-on-year fees increases onto your regular payments. When you join Hambleton, you can be confident there will be no such charges - the costs are crystal clear and can’t change for the full term of your agreement with us.

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    Market value for your share on leaving

    At the end of your syndicate term, if you want to leave the syndicate, rather than being asked to relinquish your asset, you can be sure you’ll receive market value for your share. We believe that’s only fair.

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    Equal shareholding to fellow owners

    Unlike some syndicates, our owners own equal shares of their horse. So no dominating personalities with large shares of your horse and no smaller stakeholders paying far less than you for the same experience. Everyone is on the same footing. Equal, simple, fair.

Not all syndicates agree to act with this level of openness and honesty. Over the years, we’ve unfortunately often heard stories of poor service and questionable integrity from disgruntled owners who had initially owned with seemingly reputable and successful syndicates.

Put simply, racehorse ownership with Hambleton comes with no hidden extras. We’ve bundled everything together into one regular payment to make your ownership experience easy and carefree.


Delightfully different

We include lots more to make your racehorse ownership experience as enjoyable as possible.

  • Unlimited accompanied stable visits on your terms
  • Naming days for your two-year-old
  • Personal communication at every stage
  • Dedicated, regularly updated owners’ area
  • Complimentary social events
  • Two complimentary owners’ badges for every run

For over 15 years, Hambleton Racing has become well-known for running small, friendly syndicates that compete fiercely on the racecourse. If past experience is anything to go by, you’ll soon regard our small, efficient, family-orientated team as friends – no owners are ‘numbers’ with Hambleton.

Note that not all syndicates will guarantee you two owners’ badges every time your horse runs.

Some operate on a rotational basis, or just offer a single badge – not much fun if, like most of our owners, you’d prefer to bring someone along to share your racing experience.

More information is on our FAQ page while details of our current syndicates can be found on our Buy Racehorses Shares page.

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