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What’s included in a share?

Plenty, including genuine ownership of the percentage share of your racehorse. You’ll get your percentage of all prize money earned with no deductions – plus any resale value.

You’ll get two badges to the owners’ and trainers’ enclosure at the racecourse whenever your horse runs, so you can take along someone special. You’ll also enjoy access to our renowned complimentary social events and meet fellow owners.

Away from the racecourse, you can come for as many accompanied stable visits as you like – and all arranged around you. There’s no need to wait for the rest of your syndicate.

We’ll even find out how you prefer to be contacted and get in touch every time your horse is entered, declared or has run (if you couldn’t make it to the races).

Of course, we take care of all the admin and arrangements relating to your horse. So you can just relax and enjoy the racing.

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How many owners are in each syndicate?

A maximum of 12 owners per syndicate. All shares are equal, too, to keep things harmonious.

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Does every owner have an equal share?

Few syndicates offer an equal share in their horses. Happily, we’re one of them.

This means there are no dominating personalities with large shares of your horse or no smaller stakeholders paying far less than you for the same experience. We think that’s only fair.

Rather than have two shares in a horse, we’d always suggest you take one share in two horses. You’ll get twice the enjoyment.

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Am I welcome to attend Hambleton’s social events?

Absolutely. Come and see wonder horse Frankel at Banstead Manor Stud, enjoy our annual owners’ day at Doncaster or meet the team at one of our other many get-togethers. Hambleton is one big family and our hospitality is famous.

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What does the upfront payment cover?

The upfront payment includes the purchase price of the horse, vetting at the sales, wind and drug test at the sales, Great British Bonus registration (if qualified), sales house commission (5-7.5% of the auction price) and agent’s commission (usually 5%), transport from the sales and all other costs till the date of the first monthly payment.

What do the monthly payments cover?

Just about everything. That’s:

  • Training
  • Vet’s bills (however expensive)
  • Farrier’s cost
  • Dentist’s
  • Transport
  • Outside gallops
  • Feed
  • Supplements
  • Day-to-day stabling costs
  • All other related administration and racing costs, such as the jockey’s riding fee and your two owners’ badges for each race meeting.
Is anything not covered by the monthly payment?

Yes, two things. Race entry fees in excess of £2,000 and any travel outside the UK. Don’t worry: these are both good news.

If either of these costs becomes relevant, this means you have a very talented horse earning significant prize money and increasing its value.

We charge additional entry fees and foreign travel pro-rata at cost price. In the highly unlikely event your horse doesn’t earn enough prize money to cover these extra costs, we’ll stand the charges.

This means your financial commitment can’t rise at all, allowing you to plan ahead with confidence.

Will the monthly payments remain the same?

Yes. Unlike some syndicates, we don’t enforce year-on-year rises. We keep things fair and square and the price you pay each month is guaranteed to stay the same for the term of your agreement.

How long is the syndicate term?

Partnership agreements run for either one or two years. At that point, if the trainer advises to keep the horse, you can re-sign for 12 months or sell your share.

Do I lose my share if the horse is retained but I don’t continue with my ownership?

Unlike many syndicates, we’ll pay out your share at fair market value rather than asking you to relinquish your share.

It’s all part of our fair-play ethos. So whether your circumstances change, or you want to move onto another horse, you won’t be penalised.

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Is my share insured?

Yes, unlike many syndicates, Hambleton insures your horse for the auction purchase price. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investment is immediately protected without paying extra every month. We take care of all the insurance admin for you.

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Can I visit my horse at the stables?

Yes, come whenever you like (It’s your horse). You can come when it suits you – unlike some syndicates that ask you to fit around the diary of others.

A team member will look after you at the stables and ensure you have a great time (although we can’t guarantee the weather!)

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Do I receive owners’ badges when my horse runs?

Yes, two. Each and every time your horse runs. Take along a friend.

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Will I meet other owners before my horse starts racing?

Of course. Our ethos is all about quality horses, top trainers and having a good time, both on and off the racecourse. That’s what naming days are for. Experience tells us how much owners love getting together at the stables, meeting each other over lunch and seeing their horse on the gallops.

How do we distribute the prize money?

Unlike many other syndicates, we never levy a prize-money tax on owners. 100% of every pound your horse earns is yours to keep.

The prize money displayed on the Racing Post website is the gross prize money, including all the prize money distributed between owners, trainers, jockeys and the stable. The owners’ percentage of prize money is roughly 78% for win prize money, and 83-87% for place prize money. We distribute prize money annually towards the end of the year, without deduction.

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Can I buy a share as a gift?

Yes, we have a well-established gift service, so you can buy a share in a racehorse for your loved one. This is a service tailored around you.

We try to make it memorable. We’ve presented owners with a share certificate at the stables before introducing them to their new pride and joy, and have also produced a scroll containing a certificate for a wedding gift. Don’t be afraid to make requests.

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Can I get a copy of my winners’ race?

Yes, we arrange for you to get a DVD of each win, so you get to keep your special moments forever, to be revisited as often as you like.

What if I want to leave the syndicate?

If your horse is retained, you can leave the syndicate at the end of the term. You’ll get current market value for your share. This has no effect on the other owners.

Read about our Fair Play Ethos.

How do you decide to sell horses?

We review each horse towards the end of the season with your trainer, keeping you in the loop at every stage. You’re never obliged to stay with a horse and you’ll receive the value of your share if selling. There are also no implications at all for owners who are continuing in a syndicate when another owner is leaving.

What happens if a horse is sold?

We’ll tell you if an offer is made during the season. Decisions to sell are made democratically. If there’s a tied vote, Hambleton has the casting vote. If your horse is sold rather than retired, you’ll get your share of the selling price, less any applicable commissions. Usually these include sales house commission plus 5% to the trainer and Hambleton. Unlike some other syndicates, our sales commission is fixed and will not increase if your horse is sold for a notable profit.

Do I have a say on my horse’s career?

We welcome your opinion on your horse’s racing plans. We’ll keep you updated personally on plans for your horse and we’re always on hand to discuss options.

How do I receive payments?

We prepare owners’ income statements annually in or before December, detailing your returns for the year. If your horse has been sold at the sales, we wait until we have received cleared funds from the sales house before sending payments. As ever, we look after all the admin.

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