Water Treadmill

Kevin’s Water Treadmill

30th June 2019

One of Kevin Ryan’s notable attributes is he’s always trying to better himself.  Always looking for an extra edge to keep his horses and owners in the winners’ enclosure.

Despite winning Group races year on year and enjoying loads of high profile winners, Kevin is always looking to refine his training methods further.

Kevin had an equine spa well ahead of the game and was one of the first trainers to introduce a treadmill, a key element of many horses training now at Hambleton Lodge.

An on-site medical room was another notable addition to the yard but Kevin is always striving to improve and has recently invested further in the yard by purchasing a water treadmill, which will operate in addition to the regular treadmill.

This is an effective and modern system providing an outstanding resource for fine tuning each horse’s training regime. Advance fitness can be reached via the water treadmill and training in the water will offer Kevin the chance to enhance both endurance and power.

The latest addition to Kevin’s impressive facilities allows a horse’s muscle groups to be developed further whilst the buoyancy lowers the pressure on a horse’s bones and tendons. The net result is horses are easier to train meaning more sound days for them and, ultimately, more days at the races for owners.

However, the water treadmill is not just about soundness. Movement against the pressure of water motivates the horse to increase their natural movement pattern and therefore their overall conditioning and muscle development, allowing for physical progress that may not have been possible.

The water treadmill will allow Kevin to develop specific plans for each horse to further fine tune his already superb facilities.

This can only be advantageous for our horses and owners as Kevin continues to try and push the envelope and get the best results possible for the horse he trains.